bpsh and memory leak - wien - solution

Florent Calvayrac Florent.Calvayrac at univ-lemans.fr
Fri Oct 4 02:58:20 PDT 2002

Donald Becker wrote:

> As the ramdisk fills, it grows. 

sorry to contradict you here, but the following C program
        FILE *f;
        for(;;) fprintf(f,"hh");
when ran with a 
bpsh 0 ./a.out          

just fills the ramdisk until bpsh 0 df gives 0% free...then nothing more happens,
the node 0 does not swap !
> Hmmm, what is the behavior with
>    bpsh -n ...

memory explodes as well.
I guess the program is writing to /dev/null, not reading from it.

> > by files and scripts, normally rsh/nfs is needed and not mpi).
> Thanks for posting the solution.  On the driver mailing lists there are
> often questions but no follow-ups when things work.

Indeed I am an evil communist partisan of open source and reciprocity.

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