3com 996-bt gigabit

Michael Stein mas at ucla.edu
Tue May 28 08:38:26 PDT 2002

> > Is there anybody out there that has used the above card in linux boxes?
> > 3com says it supports linux 2.2 and 2.4, but I couldn't find it in the 
> > hardware compatibility list for redhat, nor on the beowulf.org site.

A driver (bcm5700) is included with the RedHat 7.2 kernel (2.4.9-31).

See /usr/src/linux2.4/drivers/addon/bcm5700/* for the source (probably 
the 3COM driver).  The kernel module has already been built by RedHat
and a RH 7.2 install does configure it to be used. 

Also I saw a mention of a rewrite driver on the Linux kernel list a few
weeks ago.  I haven't tried this driver yet.

>    a) Haven't gotten PXE to work correctly, yet.  This is not a driver
> issue -- it fails at the DHCP level before it has a chance to load any
> kernel at all.  I >>think<< it is a broadcast problem, but am not sure.

Haven't tried PXE yet.

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