Netgear FA311TX

Iwao Makino rickey-co at
Fri May 24 22:06:25 PDT 2002


Here's old but some experience with NetGear.

Netgear FA311 with P4, not on Alpha
# ./netperf -H
Recv   Send    Send
Socket Socket  Message  Elapsed
Size   Size    Size     Time     Throughput
bytes  bytes   bytes    secs.    10^6bits/sec
  87380  16384  16384    10.01      94.15

At 20:54 -0400 24.05.2002, Justin Moore wrote:
>    Not to get, er, off-topic here, but what *are* people's opinions on
>the Netgear FA311TX (or even the FA312)?  I hate to break up a wonderful
>NIS discussion, I just get my hopes up every time a new e-mail comes in
>on this thread. :)

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