FYI: GridEngine for new users

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at
Fri May 24 19:21:34 PDT 2002


Since there were some discussions about batch systems,
this may be interesting to those who want to try
GridEngine -- without reading the install guide!

SuSE has made available an RPM for SGE on Linux, you
download the RPM, and install it. The package is
designed so that no install script is needed to run!
(note: it modifies the init script, and you may need
to reboot IF you don't want to start the SGE daemons

You can download the RPM from --

You can then play with a 1 host SGE cluster, and try
to submit as many jobs as you want to see when SGE
breaks! (Just for fun 8-) )


P.S. Original e-mail --

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