WOL on Tyan 2466N

Geoffrey D. Jacobs jacobsgd21 at BrandonU.CA
Thu May 23 16:51:29 PDT 2002

Robert G. Brown wrote:

>On Thu, 23 May 2002, Geoffrey D. Jacobs wrote:
>>I had wondered about an snmp administration method.  Hopefully, 
>>someone's got some literature about it so I can do the fix from my 
>>Debian workstation, should I need to. I'm all out of floppies to make 
>>DOS boot disks :(.
>Seth is planning to try to boot DOS over PXE.  That would really
>simplify patching -- all the bios flashes and so forth that require a
>floppy to be in the system suck.
>That would be a good thing.
>>The weird thing is, after moving all the machines in question onto a new 
>>shelf, none of the machines which previously listened for wake-on-lan 
>>don't do it anymore. Settings must be stored on an EEPROM which is not 
>>powered by the BIOS battery.
>Hmm, do you have 2466N's or 2466N-M's?  They (according to reports) have
>different BIOSs.  Also, a tyan bios that forgets its settings when
>powered down is a symptom of one of the buggy releases.  You should
>probably upgrade to 4.01q or thereabouts (which was current as of a week
>   rgb
We have both one classic and the rest 4m variants of the MPX in our 
'wulf -- a classic because we had a prototype machine built to check 
speed and stability. Neither have anything in BIOS related to the 3com 
NIC, which leaves software controls.

We have floppies in each of the slave nodes because a) they're cheap, b) 
we're running full size cases -- it's a small cluster, and c) we're 
running with hard disks anyway. I want to sort this out mainly for 
completeness and peace of mind.

BTW, I haven't even looked.  Does the Tyan driver CD contain any 3com 

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