WOL on Tyan 2466N

Geoffrey D. Jacobs jacobsgd21 at BrandonU.CA
Thu May 23 11:26:52 PDT 2002

Robert G. Brown wrote:

>On Tue, 21 May 2002, Geoffrey D. Jacobs wrote:
>>All right. I have a pile of machines, three with WOL enabled and the 
>>rest not. I'll crack them and do a comparison.
>>Is it possible this is a software only control?
>I suppose -- we just discovered that our 3com gigE cards (ordered for
>the same cluster) have to be configured with a software utility to turn
>on PXE (which still doesn't work correctly but that's another story that
>we're still working on).  The cards have PXE disabled by default -- go
>figure.  Makes one long for the good old day of jumpers, as booting from
>a DOS floppy for the sole purpose of setting a single control really
>Let me check Tyan's website...lesse, it is a 3c920C, over to 3com's
>site, looks like it is "managed by any snmp managed boot agent including
>3com's".  I also looked CAREFULLY at the mobo near the ASIC chip itself.
>There is just the one jumper.  On the 2460 there was a WOL connector for
>external LAN cards -- on this one there is nothing.  I also just went
>through the whole BIOS again, and unless I'm blind (always possible:-)
>there is nothing there.
>I'd guess that this is a software/snmp control -- probably have to get
>the 3c905 utility from 3com's website to do it or do it over the network
>when booted and snmp-accessible.
>   rgb
I had wondered about an snmp administration method.  Hopefully, 
someone's got some literature about it so I can do the fix from my 
Debian workstation, should I need to. I'm all out of floppies to make 
DOS boot disks :(.

The weird thing is, after moving all the machines in question onto a new 
shelf, none of the machines which previously listened for wake-on-lan 
don't do it anymore. Settings must be stored on an EEPROM which is not 
powered by the BIOS battery.

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