Scyld on a network

Krewson, Tom KrewsonT at
Thu May 23 10:04:57 PDT 2002

Could anyone tell me what the affect of having a cluster that is not
isolated in its network but is a part of the entire network for an
organization? I have a Scyld Beowulf (at times) in our art lab that could be
isolated but is not. I also have quite a few computers that are in other
labs that are unused on weekends as the college is closed.Our art lab is
switched but the other computer labs are not switched. I would like all of
them to be used in a cluster on weekends. Being able to use just a boot
floppy make Scyld great for this purpose. Would reverse ARP cause any
problem with our other computers? Would there be excess traffic on the LAN
when the cluster  was running?

Tom Krewson
Roane State Community College
Harriman, Tennessee
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