Want to build web cluster server

Yudong Tian yudong at hsb.gsfc.nasa.gov
Thu May 23 06:22:41 PDT 2002

I had run a web server cluster before. The key part is load balancing.
Easiest way to do it is round-robin with some trick in the DNS server
data, which requires no additional hardware (similar in the way every
time you ping "www.yahoo.com", you ping a different IP). However we used F5
network's HA+ load balancer to sit in front of the web servers to distribute
the traffic. The F5 box is basically a custormized Linux box. Cisco has a
similar product too. Anyway, it is pretty straight forward. Here is
an article to get you started:


Hope that helps.

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> Anyone have already build a web cluster server and have not
> trouble with it
> ?
> Please, i need some information and documentation for making it.
> Thank's to all !
> Beowulf enthousiasme !
> Martin Catudal
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