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On Wed, 22 May 2002, Maurice Hilarius wrote:

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> >From: Mike Davis <jmdavis at>
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> >Subject: Gigabit ether cards
> >
> >I know that this is a reprise, but what Gigabit cards are people using
> >and happy with these days.
> >
> >Mike Davis
> While I have had good luck with the Intel 8490XT, the SysKonnect 9D series 
> are a real bargain, and perform pretty nicely.
> SysKonnect just dropped their prices on this line, and the copper card now 
> has a suggested price of $52 and the fibre card at $179. These are 64 
> bit/66MHz cards.
> If anyone is interested I can send them a spec sheet off-list.

The full spec sheet isn't really necessary (although why not?).
However, one question that many folks might be interested in is: does it
(the syskonnect) do PXE?  PXE is pretty cosmically useful in a cluster


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