Tyan S2466N boot problems...

Alberto Ramos alberto at delta.ft.uam.es
Wed May 22 04:59:23 PDT 2002

  Hi all.
  We are mounting a beowulf cluster with 4 dual nodes with Tyan S2466N

  We have 2 problems:
  - How can we made a node boot without a video card? A node that work
perfect with video card seems not to boot without it.

  - We have 512MB PC2100 DDR ECC Reg. memory modules (ATP AB64L72A8S8BOS),
that in the web page of tyan seems to work perfectly. With just 1 DIMM it
works fine, but when we put 2 DIMM in the same machine, the machine dont boot.

  Thank you very much.

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