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Remember that Beowulf was an ancient celtic warrior... As far a I know, the
Celts weren't too big on lots of people in a war party -- they tended to do
individual combat, mostly. So in this sense talking about multiple Beowulfs
together is a bit contradictory (Beowulf did his thing alone).

But - anybody enough of a linguist to know what the ancient Celtic word for
"war party" was?

Baring that, how about: a "clan of Beowulfs"

(I was tempted to suggest "family", but that's been overworked - your
listener would probably think there is some kind of relatedness between them
(as in "the VAX family of processors"..)


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> Anyone know what the correct term for several Beowulfs is? I 
> couldn't decide
> between 'Beowulfs' and 'Beowulves'.  And is there a 
> collective noun? ... A
> 'pack of Beowulves' perhaps? Or maybe a 'metacluster'?
> In anticipation of some sensible and silly suggestions
> Tim
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