Netgear FA311TX

Gabriel J. Weinstock gabriel.weinstock at
Mon May 20 11:49:09 PDT 2002

  Has the Netgear FA311TX replaced the FA310TX in Netgear's Ethernet NIC 
product line? We had a number of the FA310's and were very happy with them. 
Has anyone had problems with the 311's or can we expect to be equally 
satisfied with them? Actually, now that I'm on the cluster hardware topic:
  Any horror stories with Enlight's 7237 case? It appears to be quite 
economical, and we had good luck with an Enlight server class case in the 
past (needed the extended ATX footprint for the dual P4 Xeon MB)
  Finally, a theoretical question. We have 4 gigabit Ethernet cards and a 
4-port gigabit switch (Asante FriendlyNet GX4.) Would I be correct in 
assuming we could boost performance by connecting a head node to 3 slave 
nodes w/ the gigabit hardware, and then making the 3 slave nodes NIS slave 
servers to the head, and serving the remainder of the cluster [which uses 
fast Ethernet] its NIS maps from the 4 NIS servers, in a distributed fashion? 
Is there some facility for doing a similar thing, only with NFS? Or 
rephrased, given a majority of nodes using fast Ethernet, and a limited 
amount of gigabit hardware, what is the best utilization of the gigabit cards?

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