real temperature on Tyan S2460

Mikhail Kuzminsky kus at
Sat May 18 09:22:21 PDT 2002

   I'm working w/cluster based on Tyan S2460 mobos w/AMD Athlon XP1800+
(we have old BIOS which allows to use Athlon XP instead of MP).

   There is well known problem w/lm_sensors on this motherboards and
well known trick w/BIOS and lm_sensors setting. After that measures
lm_sensors works successfully on our nodes.

   The question is about real temperature values. BIOS shows us
too high values (about 76 C) which formally corresponds to W83627 data
obtained from lm_sensors package (simultaneously W83782d chip shows something
about 39-43 C). But after running 
sensors -s

the lm_sensors data by W83627 (i.e. output of "sensors"
command) is decreasing to "good" 40-45 C because of setting
the kind of sensors to 3904 transistors (in the sensors.conf file).

   I asked Tyan staff about real kind of sensors but didn't receive
answer. All known me installations use 3904 setting. At increasing of CPU load
the W83627 data from lm_sensors w/3904 setting comes from 42 to 46.5 C,
but with setting to tiristors - only from 76 to 77 C.

   It looks therefore that BIOS data are wrong ("tuned" to wrong kind
of sensors). Sorry, am I right about BIOS ?

Mikhail Kuzmisnky
Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry

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