sorry ... not cut through

Donald B. Kinghorn kinghorn at
Tue May 14 08:22:37 PDT 2002

I just tried to get some more information about the Netgear switches and 
according to there web site the 524 is "store and forward" and not "cut 
through" like I reported. The  FS508 was a " cut through" design but I see 
it's not even listed as a product anymore on the Netgear web site.

When I use inexpensive switches I generally get one with at least twice the 
number of ports than what I actually use assuming that the switching fabric 
will not handle more than full load on half the ports at a time. The FS524 
Netgear has a 1.2 gigabit/sec switching fabric and thus would not be a good 
choice for someone that needs to use all 24 ports ...


On Monday 13 May 2002 19:27, Donald B. Kinghorn wrote:
> ... take this for what it's worth ... I've used dozens (hummm, probably
> hundreds) of inexpensive Netgear switches for smallish (<32 node) clusters.
> I've only had one with any problems [ a single bad port] I like the 500
> series like the 24 port 524 . These switches use a "cut through" design
> instead of the usual "store and forward". These are no frills unmanaged
> switches but seem to work just fine for the internal network of a cluster
> and you can get the 524 for around $300

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