good, cheap switches?

Matt Brittain matt at
Sat May 11 14:07:28 PDT 2002

Hi, lately we have been using SMC TigerStack II 10/100 - 24 port stackable 
switches. They have 2 additional ports for stacking  or Gig modules also. 
They do have all the vlan type features you probably don't need but they 
are pretty inexpensive and managed switches are always a plus. They are 
less than $1000 with the stacking modules (2), probably around 700 bucks 
without them. I don't know how much the Gig modules are off-hand. Even 
better they can use HP firmware; they are probably just rebadged HPs 
anyway. In fact I'm sure they are, we purchased an HP Procurve 5300 and we 
got a bonus 24 port Procurve 2124 with it that is the exact same as the 
SMCs. They are are wirespeed, and they expand nicely too, our standard 
deployment is a stack of 4, and we have only had minor issues with one of 
the 25 or so switches being flaky so we RMAed it. If your interested try, not much on the site but if you call them 
up they have good prices on the SMCs. Good luck with your clustering.

> for a 24-port 100Mbit switch, and they're pushing a Cisco 3350-24 switch
> (around $1900) apparently for the simple reason that that's the switch

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