good, cheap switches?

Joel Jaeggli joelja at
Sat May 11 06:12:54 PDT 2002

I really like managed swicthes since they can help quite a bit  in 
debuging some kinds of problems (duplex mismatches particulary) the one's 
we use most frequently on campus and in clusters are made by hp and the 24 
port 10/100 model (2524) is quite nice and inexpesive.


On Sat, 11 May 2002, Andrew Leahy wrote:

> Hello,
> Recently, I've locked horns with the computer support people about what sort
> of a switch I should use in my 20-node beowulf cluster.  I'm looking for a
> 24-port 100Mbit switch, and they're pushing a Cisco 3350-24 switch (around
> $1900) apparently for the simple reason that that's the switch they use on
> the rest of the campus.  As I look at the product specification sheet, their
> switch is loaded with features a campus-wide network manager is bound to
> love, but would be useless on an isolated beowulf cluster.  Since cost is an
> issue here, I'm curious if anybody has any recommendations for a cheaper
> (unmanaged?) switch with a switching fabric of comparable quality.  
> Thanks for your assistance.
> Andrew Leahy
> aleahy at
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