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Kyle Sheumaker ksheumaker at
Fri May 10 09:47:10 PDT 2002

We've run into a few problems with the GeForce4 Ti4600 (eVGA) and Tyan's
S2466 (Tiger MPX).  The card will work fine, but you will no longer be
able to PXE boot off the onboard NIC.  According to Tyan it's a problem
with the size of the option ROMs and they are working on a fix (we
haven't seen one, after reporting the problem about a month ago).  We've
also run into problems with a few other bootable cards, and the size of
their option ROMs.  

Other than not being able to boot off of some PCI devices, it's worked

Good luck!

-- Kyle

> Message: 1
> From: "Sachin Goel" <sgoel at>
> To: <beowulf at>
> Subject: High End AGP cards compatibility with Dual Athlon Processor Servers
> Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 11:36:08 -0400
> Hi:
> Does any one has information about how high end AGP cards (like 128MB or =
> higher ram ) like GeForceTi4400 one work with Dual AMD Athlon servers.
> HAs anyone used them for long and found any specific problems with =
> compatibility?
> Thanks
> Sachin

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