Good Tutorial for Clusters

Jon Tegner tegner at
Thu May 9 23:53:37 PDT 2002

Robert G. Brown wrote:

>the rub:-).  However, we just happen to do RH, and at this point it is
>now VERY VERY VERY easy.
>The sethbot is working on a rewrite of yup (the yellow dog update tool)
>that will make it even easier as well as much faster.  We have real
>hopes of being able to yup-update a running system to 7.3, for example,
>without having to do a full reinstall (probably will need a reboot, of
>course, to manage the new kernel and might need a bit of extra or re
>configuration to support new features, but the PACKAGES should all
>update correctly without rewriting their existing configurations or
>killing /etc, which is very nice).  If this works, we'll probably
>require full (re)installs only at major distro releases (8.0, for
>example) and even there we're working on ways for a system to do an
>automated reinstall to a higher distibution number without losing the
>basic configuration data and preserving at least the same optional
>packages that were in the previous install.

This sounds very nice! Is this something you are planning on 
"releasing"? I have been looking for this functionality for quite some time.



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