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Roger L. Smith roger at ERC.MsState.Edu
Thu May 9 18:49:01 PDT 2002

On Thu, 9 May 2002, Greg Lindahl wrote:

> When I hear reports of "I had terrible problems and they went away
> when I moved to XFS", I can think of a couple of situations that would
> be misleading and confusing.
> The first is that a hardware error is getting covered up by a change
> in software. XFS doesn't use devices like ext2 does.

This is a bit of a circular argument.  "XFS doesn't solve problems, it
just runs better on hardware that ext2 didn't work correctly on."  Well,
in my book, that made it a better solution for my application.

I'm more than a little tired of people making arguments to the effect that
those of us who had problems with ext2 that were solved by changing to
some other filesystem weren't better off because we found a better
filesystem, but were just too stupid to find some other problem.  It
insults my intelligence.

Just so I don't sound like a complete XFS zealot (which I'm not), I do
have to say that I've been quite satisfied with the performance of ext3.

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