Because XFS is BETTER (Re: opinion on XFS)

Mark Hahn hahn at
Thu May 9 06:24:52 PDT 2002

> > please: does anyone have any factual comparison to offer?  performance?
> > 
> The conventional wisdom is that XFS performs best of the Linux FSs for 
> streaming large files to/from disk.  After all, that's what it was 
> designed for (on IRIX).

hmm, but ext2 has always been able to deliver platter-leven bandwidth,
as well.  could it be that people got a bad impression of ext2 by
configuring it with 1k blocks?

> (Translated from the original spanish -- sorry for the long link).

I think "transmunged" might be more appropriate ;)
it was interesting, but a little unclear on methodology.

> Disclaimer:  This all comes from someone with a 560GB (and 93% full -- 
> damn pesky grad students) XFS formatted RAID exported to his cluster who 
> has been *very* happy with the performance and stability of said 
> filesystem.

that's great.  but is there any reason to think ext3 wouldn't behave as well?

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