Debian 3.0

Martin WHEELER mwheeler at
Thu May 9 04:43:01 PDT 2002

On Thu, 9 May 2002, Manel Soria wrote:

> Any positive/negative experiences with Debian 3.0 ?

On a very simple 6-node project (each node running latest testing) -- no
problems whatsoever.  (Mind you, simple image-rendering isn't pushing
the system to its limits for great lengths of time either, and I haven't
run any sort of extensive benchmarking, or made any attempt to
deliberately break anything.)

No negative experiences either.

> Also, on more general terms, it seems to me that the majority of Beowulfs are running
> Red Hat. What are the reasons to prefer it to Debian ?

rgb has just made a very eloquent argument for using what your in-house
personnel are happiest with, and most knowledgeable about. (see list
Horses for courses.  Whatever gets the job done fastest, with the least
number of known disadvantages.

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