opinion on XFS

Todd Merritt tmerritt at email.arizona.edu
Wed May 8 10:38:30 PDT 2002

"Roger L. Smith" wrote:
> I'm pretty confident of the fact that it was ext2.  We were running RedHat
> 7.0 (or 7.1, I don't remember which) at the time.  We started having very
> serious file corruption issues with the data partition on the head node
> when the cluster was running under heavy loads  (we had 324 processors at
> the time, running MPI jobs under nearly 100% utilization).
We were running our news server on a 2.0.x kernel with ext2 for years
without any real trouble.  We upgraded it to 7.2, but had to run ext2
due to the fact that our backup solution did not yet support ext3 and we
had crashed 1-2 days.  Perhaps there are some issues with using ext2 on
a 2.4.x kernel ?


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