MPI Mandel switch

Eric Miller emiller at
Wed May 8 10:45:17 PDT 2002

Sorry for the re-post, but Donald replied directly to me and I lost the
email.  What is the syntax for the command line switch to make the MPI
Mandel routine loop?  It has a loop feature, but it does not funtion, need
to be passed at the command line.  Anybody know it?

Also, I have asked before and gotten some scattered answers:  What are some
simple to configure graphical programs that I can run on my cluster?  A
raytracer, rederer, anything with a nice graphic output.  The fractal
renderer is cool but....

Thanks to all for your help, I have an eight node PIII cluster running
Scyld, all nodes up.  9.04GHz of aggregate cycles.


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