FYI: GridEngine 5.3 new features!

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at
Wed May 8 01:22:50 PDT 2002


Many people on this list use batch systems with their
beowulf clusters, I hope the info might be useful.

(GridEngine is an opensource batch system, used in
compute farms, beowulfs, and the Grid)

SGE was released for a month, there are many new
features added since SGE 5.2.x.

1. security
SGE utilizes SSL security framework, communications
between SGE daemons are encrypted, and interactive
jobs I/O are also encrypted via SSH.

2. better performance
We take advantage of caching, hashing, and new
algorithms to make SGE work better in large clusters,
with large number of jobs submitted.

3. new scheduling algorithms
Four new scheduling algorithms added, including
fairshare, which might be important to enterprise

4. new set of documents

5. RPMs are also available -- SGE is shipped with SuSE

6. Maui scheduler 3.2 is intergrated.

7. better job arrays
More efficient job array scheduling algorithms, and
more memory efficient.

8. misc enchancements
We can also limit the max number of jobs a user is
allowed to submit, and we also allow multiple load
sensors on a single host, and job starter method is

9. various ports/integrations
- Win NT/2000 port
- Mac OS X port
- FreeBSD, NetBSD, NetBSD port
- Myrinet integration
- EDA (including Synopsys) integration -- more EDA
   tools are integrated with SGE, when a job is
   preempted by SGE, the license used by the job is
Most of the ports/integrations are maintained by
various people, and they will be merged into the main
source eventually.

Also, the list of comapnies providing support is
growing --


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