Good Tutorial for Clusters

Raju Mathur raju at
Tue May 7 20:46:49 PDT 2002

>>>>> "rgb" == Robert G Brown <rgb at> writes:

    rgb> [snip
    rgb> These days building a "generic" cluster is often not more
    rgb> complex that installing an out-of-the-box distr, e.g. RH 7.3
    rgb> (released yesterday, hooray) and hand-picking the beowulfish
    rgb> packages already therein, such as pvm from the list of
    rgb> available RPM's.

Curious: is redhat generically preferred for runing Beowulf, or is
that your personal choice?  In general (no, I don't want to start
another distro war here!) is there any particular reason for
preferring one distribution over another /for running Beowulf/ ?


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