trouble starting pvm:urgent

ahmad rizvi arizvi at
Tue May 7 12:27:59 PDT 2002

Hi all:
I am running pvm3.4 on solaris machines. When I try to add a machine from the pvm prompt it says:

pvm> add mos
mos: Can't start pvmd

I try to start the pvm daemon from the command line manually using rsh:
> rsh mos $PVM_ROOT/lib/pvmd -s -d8 -nhonk 1 08:00:00:9f:88:aa 4096 3 08:00:00:9f:88:aa
[pvmd pid8816] 05/07 15:14:47 version 3.4.0
[pvmd pid8816] 05/07 15:14:47 ddpro 2316 tdpro 1318
[pvmd pid8816] 05/07 15:14:47 main() debug mask is 0x8 (slv)
[pvmd pid8816] 05/07 15:14:47 mksocs() bind netsock: Cannot assign requested address
[pvmd pid8816] 05/07 15:14:47 pvmbailout(0)
[pvmd pid8816] 05/07 15:14:47 sending FIN|ACK to all pvmds

I think there is a socket error as it says: mksocs() bind netsock: ......
Is this becuase of permissions on the network?
Please help.


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