Ethernet Channel Bonding (ECB)...Revisited

Joseph Bassett jbassett at
Sun May 5 19:34:22 PDT 2002

The command is ./ifenslave {} {}, fill in the brackets with eth0, eth1 or
whatever you have called the nic's. Channel bonding has been included
since many kernels ago, you don't need to do any funny business. The two
networks should be logically separated. There is a wealth of information
available at many networking oriented websites. This can act as a failsafe
if one network should choose to develope a problem, but it can also make
it tricky to pick up a failure quickly. Unless you are passing very large
packets between nodes, then you will notice a decline very quickly. Many
times it makes sense to investigate what caused the network to fail and
work on those things before adding the cost (depending on # nodes and
current switching) and complexity (more parts that have probability x of
failing, though prob of system failure decreases ) of a bonded network.

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