Any anti-virus/security tools

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You give little information as to the configuration, but if you ae using 
a cluster of workstations, normally exposed to the net, the issues are 
different than if the cluster is isolated behind a "head" node, and 
they're not exposed.

And, while Linux is not immune, we certainly see fewer problems than our 
Windows bretheran, since we don't have Outlook to serve as a willing vector.

That said, look for chkrootkit, Tripwire, and setting up process 
accounting, to identify most of your problems.  Be prepared to audit 
logs regularly, or you're wasting your time.

Another alternative is to invest in a commercial intrusion detection 
system and audit all access to the machines.  Generally, you can get 
notification of unusual access attempts, and take reactive measures at 
that point.

Proactive measures would include disabling all services that are not 
specifically needed, restricting hosts access to thosethat specifically 
need to get to the cluster, and using IPTABLES and Advanced Routing 
patches to look at use spikes that might indicate an abnormal activity.

In other words, generally good security practice is where you start.  If 
your cluster is isolated behind a master node (which should be better 
protected) you may be less at risk and can take less drastic action.


M. Kiran Kumar wrote:

> Hai,
> Is there any anti-virus and Security tools available with Scyld Beowulf 
> clusturing software? If not what are the best tools available to 
> implement on beowulf machine.?
> Thanks,
> Kiran

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