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Fri May 3 04:32:39 PDT 2002

On Fri, 3 May 2002, Mikael Fredriksson wrote:

> "Timothy W. Moore" wrote:
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> > I am putting the finishing touches on my mini cluster.  I am having
> > problems with lamboot because I do not have the nodes set for rsh
> > without a password prompt.  Would someone please help with the necessary
> > command sequence?
> Check out the manpage (in the File Formats(5) section) for the ".rhosts"
> file.  At a prompt, type: man rhosts 

Or better yet, look in the list archives for a description of ssh and
how to set it up for remote access without a password.  I think I've
gone through it two or three times at least on this list.

ssh is better.  It is infinitely more secure.  It manages things like
your DISPLAY variable and environment variables automagically.  For most
purposes, the difference in CPU/network overhead compared to rsh is
negligible -- tenths of seconds per invocation, who cares for the
handful of times a day it is typically used.  It has additional features
(port forwarding, tunneling) that make it worth learning anyway.
Finally, many if not most environments no longer permit rsh to be used
on a public network so if your cluster has any publically accessibe
components it should use ssh anyway.

ssh is a drop in replacement for rsh in nearly all applications that
"require" rsh.


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