Timothy W. Moore moor007 at
Thu May 2 18:53:14 PDT 2002

Each node mounts /home from the host machine.  When I attempt to run my 
program, it states that it can't open the output file and crashes. 
 However, it does open an error file in /home saying that it can't open 
the output file.  The error files are generated with the user and group 
501.  I also get the impression that screen output is causing problems 
because the DISPLAY variable is not set properly.

[1] What is the syntax of the setenv DISPLAY ...?  My hostname is enigma.

[2]  I arbitrarily set the permissions to 777 thinking node08 would then 
be able to write to / failed.  What permissions do I set for 
seamless access to /home and the screen?



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