Wulkit information from Scali

Ole W. Saastad ole at scali.com
Thu May 2 01:42:32 PDT 2002

Some questions about Wulfkit has been addressed and the following 
information are from Scali a Software company that has written the
software in the Wulfkit package.

The Wulfkit is a Do-It-Yourself product from Dolphin and combines
SCI high-speed low-latency interconnect technology with Scali SCI
MPI supercomputer middleware together with the cluster management
Scali Universe. Scali provide only limited support on the Wulfkit
(2nd line support).

The ClusterEdge is Scali's partnership product with full support to
OEM's and VAR's. It contains "Scali Universe XE" with additional modules
managing the SCI interconnect and a set of high performance libraries
including ScaMPI, Scali ShMem, ScaIP and ScaMAC.

The "Scali Universe XE" offers better monitoring and management features
than the Wulfkit software (for instance temperature and fanspeed
alarms on user defined events, OpenPBS batch queue integration etc.).

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