More Tyan S2466 Issues

Lambe, Dave dave.lambe at
Wed May 1 06:29:18 PDT 2002

We recently purchased a 2U AMD from Aspen Systems for testing purposes. The
jest was to run this box head to head with an Intel and buy more of the
fastest (for our flavor of computing). The Intel booted (via Scyld floppy)
without issue. The AMD box (using Tyan S2466, dual K7 2gig+ CPUs, & a TNT
video card...that was added) boots (also via Scyld floppy) until it hits the
part about "Ramdisk" and suddenly reboots. I have yet to get "jiggy with it"
as the current workload isn't conducive to spending days figuring out
hardware glitches.

My hope in posting here is hopefully grab a response from someone that's
hashed this out or recieved a response from prior issues from Tyan.



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