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I have two relatively large NAS units (.5TB and 1.5TB). Both use ATA/100 
drives configured in a RAID 5 array. The large one is a standard product 
(OpenNAS) from RAIDZONE / Consensys and is used for the datastore for the 
NASA SABER project ( The smaller one is a homebuilt NAS 
serving as a backup server for our company.  Basically I bought 2 3Ware 
hotswap cages (3 ATA/100 drives each and a 3Ware Escalade RAID 5 card (8 
ATA/100 channels). The 3Ware card is supported under Linux and causes the 
RAID array to look like a SCSI drive. You can also configure the board to 
access the drives individually and use software RAID or whatever. We're happy 
with both setups, but I'll probably go with the 3Ware setup for our next 
project. I like the 3Ware native linux drivers and the RAID manager support - 
I don't like "black boxes" and the RAIDZONE unit is more of a black box to me 
then the homebuilt... Hope this helps!


On Friday 28 June 2002 10:43 am, Mike Davis wrote:
> How many beowulfers have implemented or are working towards implementing
> gigabit NAS. I have two systems with .5TB and 1TB respectively and they
> seem to work ok. What are other people's experiences.
> Mike Davis
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