Round robin bonding on a switch that does not support trunking?

Andrew Chan achan at
Thu Jun 27 09:25:13 PDT 2002


I am not into Beowulf stuff (yet) but am working on bonding because it is fun.

I have successfully configured a Linux box to do round robin mode bonding with 2 NICs. I connected the 2 NICs to a plain old low-tech switch and everything seems to work just fine. I am able to access this Linux host from other hosts connected to the same switch.

My question is what is the impact/effect of doing round-robin bonding on a switch that does not have support for trunking?

1) Am I getting 200Mbps? I cannot test because I don't have other hosts with 2 NICs nor do I have enough hosts to create artificial network load.

2) What is the proper syntax to enable miimon in /etc/modules.conf? (on RedHat 7.3)

3) I tried to obtain DHCP address for bond0 (ifcfg-bond0) but could not get it to work. It works fine if I specify the IP, netmask and other information. Is there any known problems between bonding and obtaining address through DHCP?

Many many thanks!

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