value of the Beowulf cluster market

Luc Vereecken Luc.Vereecken at
Wed Jun 26 04:10:49 PDT 2002

At 04:00 AM 6/26/02 -0400, Paul Schenker wrote:
>The genius concept of the Beowulf Cluster currently implies standard
hardware - therefore it makes sense only to
>count the Beowulf Cluster software for now.

As in: "You can't build a Beowulf without official Beowulf Cluster
Software" ? I think there are a lot of clusters around that don't have
prepackaged cluster software on them, especially the smaller ones. Don't
forget that many clusters are build to help the calculations with just one
or two specific pieces of software, and one might prefer to avoid the
additional effort of learning new cluster software just to install 8
identical computers once and run the software on it.


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