Clock Synchronization

Angel R. Rivera angel at
Tue Jun 25 16:18:52 PDT 2002

I am coming into this late too, but how about using
         ntpdc -l

on my own server it shows...

>[root at sinapu /root]# ntpdc -l
>broadcast NTP.MCAST.NET
>client    <time server 1>
>client    <time server 2>

with an ntp.conf:
>broadcast autokey ttl 6  # brpadcast on LAN shared key

The Client:
>[root at gatekeeper root]# ntpdc -l
>client    NTP.MCAST.NET

with an ntp.conf:

>manycastclient autokey

I am not an expert but did spend a lot of time on getting this up here-then
moved it over to the cluster and i have not had any problems.  HTH

Angel R. Rivera, Angel.R.Rivera at
Veritas et Libertas

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