Tyan 2720 motherboard for Xeons (fwd)

Doug Farley d.l.farley at larc.nasa.gov
Mon Jun 24 12:19:12 PDT 2002

Personally, I cant complain about Tyan too much, yes they seem always very 
eager to get new hardware on the market before anyone else, and sometimes 
the first release can be buggy-ish (Look at the problems the S2462 had 
during its first BIOS, however, 2 weeks after it was released, they fixed 
90% of the major bugs), however I found there products to be much better 
than any other company.  I've yet to find any MB vendor that didn't have a 
semi-buggy board when it was first released.  And Tyan is a bit more 
committed to helping the end user than any other vendor, and they are much 
more willing to respond and sometime implement customer suggestions for 
next BIOS revisions than anyone else I've dealt with.  They are also more 
willing to listen to problems after the word 'Linux' is mentioned than most 
other vendors as well.  All in all, yes they can be quick to put things to 
market, yes sometimes its a little buggy, but they fix it up, and they 
implement more of the cutting/bleeding edge server stuffs more often than 
the other vendors.


 >At 12:40 PM 6/24/2002 -0400, you wrote:
 >Does anyone agree with Steve's opinion?
 >>Off the record, Tyan has always been junk.  They have a tendency to put
 >>something new out in the market place and have the customers debug it.
 >>Recent case in point is the firmware issues Hard Data spoke of on the Tiger.
 >>However, after 6 months in the field its usually ok.
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