Beowulf usage statistics?

Franz Marini franz.marini at
Mon Jun 24 03:44:09 PDT 2002

On Mon, 24 Jun 2002, Alan Scheinine wrote:

> One possible explanation is that many small labs are planning
> to build small clusters of PCs.  If this is the case, the number of
> clusters based on WWW documentation and based on talks at conference
> may undercount the actual number by a factor of more than two or more.
> (Analogous to saying that in terms of biomass and number of species
> the dominant form of life on earth is bacteria.)

I think you're right...

Here at the Dept. of Physics of the University of Milan, we have at least 
2 clusters, 1 16 diskless nodes +1 server, and 1 24 nodes + 1 server 
mantained by me :)

So I think the real number of small clusters is actually much greater than 
the "official" one ... 


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