ATHLON vs XEON: number crunching

Richard Walsh rbw at
Thu Jun 20 07:15:21 PDT 2002

Thu, 20 Jun 2002, Steffen Persvold wrote:

>On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Joe Griffin wrote:
>> Ivan,
>> Is your test memory limited?
>> Perhaps it is not the CPU speed but the cache size
>> that is limiting you.  The Xeon has a different
>> cache size and Memory type.  P4's use RDRAM (high latency/
>> high bandwidth).  The AMD may use SDRAM (low latency/low bandwidth).
>Not all Xeons use RDRAM. The new ServerWorks Grand Champion chipsets and 
>the new Intel E7500 (Plumas) use DDR RAM (just like the Athlons).

Moreover, I am pretty that RDRAM actually has lower average latency 
under load than SDRAM.


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