mpich ch_p4mpd

Noel Rycroft noel at
Tue Jun 18 16:01:49 PDT 2002

Has anyone had success with the ch_p4mpd device...?
I've got it configured and compiled and have started the daemons on all 
my boxes
but cannot even get the simple example/cpi program to run
when I try and include a remote machine....

The error is :

../bin/mpirun -np 2 -m machines cpi
Process 0 on boxer
Process 1 on mille
p1_13343: (2.019287) p4_peer_msg_handler: failed connect to
p1_13343:  p4_error: failed to connnect: -1
    p4_error: latest msg from perror: Connection refused

I previously had this working for the ch_p4 device. My real problem is 
that I
wish to pass environment variables to a program so I've tried using the 
and ch_p4 device but sometimes the server wouldn't start... (probably a 
port no.
problem).  I can pass the environment variables using the ch_p4mpd device
but as soon as two machines need to connect it seems to fail...

any ideas anyone...?

thanks in advance... Noel.

ps. configured using gcc3.1 on Linux...

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