Power lines

Carlos O'Donell carlos at baldric.uwo.ca
Tue Jun 18 11:35:01 PDT 2002

> Hi,
> We have a 72 nodes cluster. It seems this concentration of computers
> is causing a distorsion of the power lines that could be the origin of failures
> in other lines of the  building. The problem is related with the
> differential interrupters.
> Is there a "correct" way to connect a cluster to the electrical network
> or filter the noise that it generates ?
> Thanks.

I'm glad I speak Castellano ;)

By 'differential interruptor' do you mean 'differential switching supply'?
Or possibly just 'switching supply'?

If I remember correctly, this is a discussion that has come up
before on the list.

As most agreed, computer supplies have horrible harmonics and
distort the power waveform usually at the peak of the cycle 
(flattening the peak).

The only way to correct this is to hire a power-engineer to
install harmonic correcting equipment (usually in the form of special
power filters) or to do some type of harmonic analysis on the grid.

I would be surprised if its the cluster that's behind the problem...
but rather some large banks of power hungry UV Equipment :) 


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