remote install problem

Greg MATTHEWS G.Matthews at
Tue Jun 18 07:52:43 PDT 2002

i've just inherited sysadmin duties for a new beowulf which isnt yet working 
properly and i'm having problems with pxe and remote install.

pxe seems to work ok in that it will load the kernel and initrd but wont boot 
the loaded kernel unless i interrupt each time and include the following boot 

nfs:<master node ip address>/kickstart/

without this the kernel will not even begin to boot. this means i have to have 
a keyboard and display plugged in to the node each time i want to install the 
system which is obviously a drawback.

my question is, how can include boot params to the kernel? is it an option in 
pxe.conf? if so i have been unable to find it any docs.

master node runs:
dhcpd - serves ip info but not bootfile
pxe - proxy dhcp and file info etc

please forgive this seemingly simple question... 


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