Setting up nodes with built in hard disk

Doug Farley d.l.farley at
Tue Jun 18 05:12:41 PDT 2002

With those 60 nodes netbooting, what kind of network overhead are you 
seeing used for larger applications, and the initial boot of each 
machine?  Are you using two seperate networks, one for NFS and the other 
for your mpi/comm traffic?


At 12:24 PM 6/17/2002 -0700, Bill Broadley wrote:
>If a disk dies, the node still boots (no swap and no scratch of course).
>That way I get the benefit of a local disk (high bandwidth for swap and
>/scratch), without having to maintain patches, applications, backups,
>and reinstal when a disk dies.
>Works for me.  I did a redhat-6 version, a redhat-7 version, and am
>working on a redhat-7.3 version.  I.e. all standard redhat rpm's +
>changes to allow for a readonly /.  I currently have 60 diskless nodes
>and am working on adding 30 (swap + scratch) more.
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