66MHz 3.3V PCI Graphics cards?

Nicholas Brealey nick at brealey.org
Mon Jun 17 15:02:34 PDT 2002


Does anyone know of any 66MHz, 3.3V, 32 or 64 bit PCI graphics cards.
Or even a 33MHz, 3.3V, 32 or 64 bit PCI graphics card?

A have just got two test Tyan Tiger S2466N-4M motherboards which
I want to be able to put into 2U rackmount cases. They would not
get to the BIOS setup with a 5V 32bit 33 MHz PCI graphics card
in a 33MHz slot. They worked fine with an NVIDIA based AGP
graphics card. I am looking for a card I can use to get into
BIOS setup so that I can enable console redirect so that I
don't need a graphics card. I am intending to build a cluster
with 16 boards in 2U cases.


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