New GridEngine features (migration from LSF)

Ron Chen ron_chen_123 at
Sun Jun 16 15:25:53 PDT 2002


A lot of people are mirgating from L$F to GridEngine.
One frequently requested feature is a cluster-wide

GridEngine uses a "queue" to represent an execution
host. This gives the workstation users much greater
control of when they want their machines to be made
available, and how much resource they want to provide.

In SGE, when a user submits a job, he requests for a
resource. In LSF, a user specifies a queue which has
the resource. They use different concepts to represent
a queue, and the users need to learn a new interface.

Since a lot of people ask for a cluster-wide queue, we
are planning to add this feature to SGE, so that
migration from LSF to SGE is more transparent.

(note - the original queue concept is still there even
after this feature is added, so the workstation user
can have full control of their machines; cluster
queues will provide grouping of machines/queues)

If you are interested in joining the discussion,
please join the SGE development mailing-list --

Lastly, a few other features will be added to make the
migration smoother.


--- Ernst Bablick wrote:
> during the next days/weeks I would like to discuss
> issue #14 (Cluster Queues)
> on the dev mailing list. The objective of Cluster
> Queues (CQ) are as follows:
>   - help to significantly reduce the number of
> queues for virtually all
>     types of customer setups, not only for mostly
> homegenous clusters with
>     similar machines
>   - describe an evolutionary enhancement of current
> SGE queues
>   - provide a migration path from current the SGE
> queue concept to the new
>     cluster queue concept
>   - help to ease installation of SGE with the help
> of the cluster queue
>     concept
>   - help to ease administration of Grid Engine when
> changes need to be done
>   - help to provide more condensed output in command
> line and GUI
>   - make it possible, that at least certain cluster
> queue setups can help
>     to improve scheduler performance
> Everyone interested in influencing the design of CQs
> should join the dev
> mailing list. Following specification of CQs might
> be used as a base for the
> discussions:
> Regards,
> Ernst

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