Myrinet scalability

Patrick Geoffray patrick at
Fri Jun 14 13:15:41 PDT 2002

Hi Ivan,

Ivan Oleynik wrote:
> I have head some rumour that there will be problems with Myrinet setup
> when you go from original 24 node configuration to up to 32 nodes.

What was saying these rumours ?
> The question is will I have some problems when I try to expand in the
> future the Myrinet cluster beyond original 24 nodes?

If you have a switch with 4 slots or more, where 3 are used, you just 
need to get one more line card (8 ports). It's when there is no more 
place in the existing switch that it becomes more complicated, if you 
want to keep a full bisection.
On the software side, there is no difference between 24 and 32 nodes.


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