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Wed Jun 12 16:05:11 PDT 2002


I have some questions regarding reliability of Athlons.

> In general, they are both excellent processors. I would have to say that 
> the Xeon has a much, much better motherboard available for it though. We 
> just fired up 544 of the Tyan S2720's the other day, and had 0 board 
> failures during the first 25 days or so. Had that been Athlons, we 
> probably would have had 10 failures.

Are you talking about reliability of Tyan's S2466 motherboard as compared
to S2720? If you have some failures during several first months and you
replaced all the faulty components, does it guarantee that you won't have
problems in the long term future? What does 'failure' theory tell?


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