Richard Walsh rbw at
Wed Jun 12 08:47:10 PDT 2002

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Greg Lindahl wrote:

> I've found that the Intel compiler generates code which runs pretty
> well on the Athlon. The Intel compiler is also good at generating code
> which is specialized to the P4's SSE2 registers, but that's sometimes
> slower than ordinary code which does not use the SSE2 registers.  I
> find the compiler "issue" to be more FUD than real. What's your
> experience with it?
> -- greg

Here are a number sites with performance comparisons:

I think that overall they support the idea that today
the Intel compilers (C, C++, Fortran) produce better 
results on average, but this of course is not a statement 
about a particular application on a particular node.


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