hyperthreading and Linux

Greg Lindahl lindahl at conservativecomputer.com
Sun Jun 9 13:25:08 PDT 2002

Actually, Craig, from looking at the 2.4 kernel source, it does have a
bit of hyperthreading support, enough that you could make it do the
right thing. The key item is that if it doesn't know where to run a
process, it tends to put it on an idle cpu where the associated
virtual cpu is also idle. Search for "smp_num_siblings" in kernel/sched.c,
that's 2 for a hyperthreaded cpu.

Where this goes wrong is that it will continue to put a process on the
same cpu as long as it was the last process to have run there. So if
you get 2 processes on the siblings, they'll remain there until a 3rd
process somehow gets scheduled, which is probably rare in your

To change that policy, you can hack up reschedule_idle() in sched.c. 
But you'll be slowing down the fast path.

Hm, looks to me like absolute process affinity isn't so hard to
implement... then you could hack up mpirun to set affinities.


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