About administering APC power controlers

Ramiro Alba Queipo ramiro at labtie.mmt.upc.es
Sat Jun 1 04:12:02 PDT 2002

Hello everybody:

We have a 72 nodes cluster and we are planing to buy APC power
controlers in order to be able switching on/off the nodes remotely.

The point is that I would like to confirm that it is posible to send
commands to the power controlers from a linux console (and how) in order
to develop scripts than can easily control the devices.

I looked at the documentacion from the APC's web page I could not be
completely sure of this aspect.

Thanks in advance

Ramiro Alba
Laboratori de Termotecnia i Energetica

Departament de Maquines i Motors Termics
ETS d'Enginyers Industrials de Terrassa

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